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TWO FOR ONE: NAID 2017 Registration includes access to MWMA 2017

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October 20, 2016

NAID 2017 will be held alongside the first annual conference of the Medical Waste Management Association (MWMA). In order for NAID members interested in learning more about opportunities in medical waste hauling and for those already doing so to learn more about the new association, the MWMA Board of Directors has approved a plan to allow all NAID 2017 registrants free and unfettered access to their event.

“Essentially, it means NAID 2017 attendees are gaining access to a second conference at no charge,” says MWMA Director and Conference Chair David Delorge of Cleveland-based Medwaste Ohio. Delorge, who sold his secure destruction service several years ago, adds, “When we started Medwaste Ohio, we were on our own. Anyone transporting medical waste or even considering a start-up is very lucky to have this opportunity.”