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Members Urged to Set Up Online Profiles Soon

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Dec. 1, 2016

Between now and the end of year, NAID Member-companies are strongly urged to set up their NEW online member profile. This will be necessary to access many upcoming benefits as well as to manage their overall membership.
  1. It is important to note that ONLY the official representative of record (i.e. Website Contact) is able to manage the company profile and manage permissions for additional company contacts. This is the person listed as the contact on the NAID website directory.
  2. The new Member Profile does NOT use your existing NAID usernames and passwords.
    • Website contacts will need to use their existing email address and click "Forgot Your Password? Click Here" to generate their new password to gain initial access (this can be changed in your account if desired).
    • Once the website contact has access, they will have the choice to login as themselves as an individual or as the company.
      • Individual - You can edit your personal profile
      • Company - You can "Manage Organization Contacts" to add or remove employees, which grants them permission to the NAID online Member Profile.
        • Confirm all employees for your company are correct, removing any that are no longer applciable.
        • Set-up new employees and send them an invitation via the system.
        • Encourage existing employees to login to the system the same way you did. 

PLEASE SET THIS UP as soon as possible so that all necessary contacts have access.

It is very important that every member-company set up their profile. Everything related to your NAID membership depends upon it. Though it requires a small investment in time, the time savings for members over the coming months and years will be incredible.
Please contact with questions or call the NAID office at +1 (602) 788-6243.