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NAID-Europe: Making the Most of the GDPR

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February 18, 2017
NAID-Europe is holding a conference on May 18 to help members make the most of a great opportunity.  With data protection laws changing for the first time in 22 years, demand for their services is likely to grow dramatically.
And, it is more than just idle speculation. It has happened before! 
Prior to HIPAA, GLBA and FACTA in the U.S., data destruction was a cottage industry with a small percentage of the market and no standards.  In the ten years that followed implementation of those laws, secure destruction in the U.S. became ubiquitous services, as common as bottled water and copy machines. Eventually, a service provider could drive from one building to the next, serving customers who were highly aware of their legal responsibilities. 
The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will do the same thing for the countries of the European Union. British regulators are also on record stating that, despite Brexit, they will adopt the GDPR rules.
The goals of the NAID-Europe meeting in Luxembourg on 18 May are simple:

GDPR Immersion

The first session of the event will set the stage by diving deep into the history of data protection regulations in Europe, and taking a detailed look at every aspect of the new law. Attendees will leave this session with a thorough understanding of its evolution and its legal provisions. Customers know when a service provider is confident in their knowledge so developing that expertise is the first order of business.

Introduce New Tools

NAID-Europe will unveil new Internet and print marketing tools to educate customers regarding new responsibilities and risks, including:
  • The new role of the Compliance Officer
  • The new nature of a violation
  • The role of due diligence in vendor selection
  • The impact of data breach notification
  • The new crushing financial penalties

Sales Training 

Attendees will receive training on how to use the GDPR in sales:
  • By identifying and contacting the Privacy Compliance Officer
  • By providing the written procedures now required of the data controller
  • By offering tools to help data controllers train their employees
  • By demonstrating service provider compliance such as training and written procedures

Service Provider Risk Management

GDPR will turn the heat up on service providers too. At the Luxembourg conference attendees will learn how to mitigate their new risks, and how that translates into more marketing opportunities.
Speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. 
The NAID "Making the Most of the GDPR" event will be held 18 May 2017 at the Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal in Luxembourg. 
Seats are limited. Those interested should look for registration information coming soon.