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NAID 2017 Conference & Expo a Success

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March 29, 2017 
“I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that after 23 years NAID conference attendance records are still being set,” says CEO Bob Johnson referencing the nearly 900 industry professionals who turned out for NAID 2017 in Las Vegas last week.
When asked to explain, Johnson adds, “If I had to guess, I would say it’s the combination of a more stable marketplace, increasing recognition of NAID Certification by customers, especially in the area of electronic data destruction, and growing interest in the medical waste management industry.”

Newly installed NAID President Eric Haas of Wisconsin-based ARMS, Inc., believes the attendance to be a sign of the event’s continually improving content. “We had a new and very diverse lineup of speakers and sessions this year,” says Haas. “From the amazing keynote address, to the general sessions and right down to the more than 30 breakout sessions, there were new faces presenting fresh and timely content.”  Haas is quick to add “the sessions were full from the beginning of the event to the end.”

NAID Vendor Liaison Vlad Vasak of K-2 Partners, LLC. believes the trade exposition also has a lot to do with the event’s continued success.  “No one is surprised when the expo is busy early on,” says Vasak, “but the fact that it stayed busy right through the final reception is indicative of its value to the attendees.” 

We spoke to NAID member and first-time conference attendee, Mike Kruse of Evergreen Document Destruction and Recycling. He was thrilled to be in attendance and had this to say about NAID 2017, “It’s my job to grow the business, and how could I wait a year to come to the next NAID Conference? It turns out, that it was an excellent decision. I’ve gotten a lot out of this. Most of all, I’m really inspired by the number of small owners who have six shredding trucks. Who started where I am, have become NAID Certified, and just acted with common sense and good customer service and have been able to turn their business into a successful career.” 

2017 - 2018 Board Installed

The NAID conference is also where the association conducts its annual business meeting and installs the incoming board members.
As mentioned, Eric Haas of ARMS Inc. was installed as the NAID President, where he will serve a one-year term. 
Angie Singer Keating, CISA, CISM, CIPP, CISCO of Pennsylvania-based Reclamere, Inc. was installed as President-elect, subsequent to her nomination and election preceding the conference. After a one-year term as President-elect, Keating will automatically advance to the NAID presidency.

The NAID 2016-2017 President, Don Adriaansen, MBA, CSDS of TITAN Mobile Shredding, transitioned to the role of Past-President. As an Executive Committee member he will continue to offer council to the Board after his years of service with the organization.

Patrick DeVries, CSDS of Washington-based DeVries Business Services was installed as the association’s Treasurer for a two-year term.
During a meeting that followed NAID 2017, the NAID Board of Directors approved two appointments to fill vacancies created by the election results.
NAID Director Brock Miller, CSDS of Oregon-based Shred Northwest was appointed to the office of Secretary, which was vacated by DeVries being elected to Treasurer.  Cory Tomczyk of Wisconsin-based IROW was appointed to fill the Director seat vacated by Miller.

NAID 2018 Chair Appointed

The Board also appointed Michael Payton, CSDS of Kentucky-based Data Vault to serve as the Chair for the NAID 2018 Conference & Expo, which will be held April 13-15, 2018 in Nashville, Tenn. Jamie Hughes, the Director of Events and Programs for NAID, had this to say of the appointment, “Payton is a leader who can facilitate the Conference Committee in planning our best event yet.”