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Landmark Textbook also a Sales Tool

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April 13, 2017

The new Information Disposition textbook was designed for many purposes.

  1. It’s the training manual used to prepare for future CSDS® examinations.
  2. It’s aimed at university students preparing for careers in information management and data security.
  3. It's a resource for records management, risk management and data security professionals designing data destruction RFPs and contracts.

When it comes to using the book as a sales tool, it’s on this third point that members need to focus.

NAID CEO Bob Johnson is launching a series of blogs on how to use the book as a sales tool. In the first installment, Johnson discusses scenarios where the book can be introduced to the client strategically. In subsequent blogs, he’ll describe sections of the book that dispel client misconceptions that cost members money.

One thing is for sure, you can’t use it as a sales tool if you don’t own it. NAID members are eligible for substantial discounts off the suggested retail price. Order your copy today >> 

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