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GDPR to Benefit European Members Now… and Later

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The time to capitalize on any new data protection regulation starts long before the law goes into full effect according to NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “When in full effect, the GDPR will be the strongest data protection regulation in the world,” said Johnson. “It will be a great thing for qualified secure destruction services.”

But Johnson is quick to add, “It is a mistake to wait until next year to act. The time to raise awareness and to present an appropriate solution is before the law is in effect.”

The reasoning is simple according to Johnson.  In the months to come, when these companies start to read about their new requirements and fines appear in the news, these new customer will turn to the service providers they feel are the experts; the service provider who reached out to them with good information before the fines started to appear.

In order to assist NAID-Europe members, the association is taking a number of proactive steps:

  1. It will hold a one-day seminar in Luxembourg on 18 May, a full year in advance of the regulations going into effect, to explain how the GDPR will affect customers and service providers
  2. It is creating a state-of-the-art contract for members, which will fulfill the requirement of the GDPR for customers to have a new type of contract
  3. It is modifying its certification program to make sure all area of GDPR compliance are validated

Experience has taught Johnson something else about the opportunity created by new, strong regulations: increasing competition. “New laws create more demand,” says Johnson. “Being prepared to act quickly and be the leader is the best strategy for making the most from the changing times.”

Making the Most of the GDPR will be held 18 May in Luxembourg at STREFF Data Protection Services. A tour of the facility is included with a full day of sessions.

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NOTE: Due to demand, rooms at the Sofitel du Grand are currently sold out. Nearby, economical hotels are listed on the NAID-Europe Event site