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2018 Conference Committee Embraces Challenge... And Seeks Volunteers

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Comedian Jack Benny famously said he never took the stage after animals or children. He knew they were tough acts to follow.

Michael Payton, CSDS, of Kentucky-based Data Vault is facing a similar problem as the chairman of the NAID 2018 Conference Committee. Though he may not be following children or animals, NAID 2018 is faced with following this year's conference, NAID 2017, one of the most successful conferences in the association’s 23-year history.

According to Michael, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Every NAID Conference Committee brings their “A” game and holds nothing back,” says Payton.  “I have been involved for years and I’ve seen the dedication to confronting emerging challenges. As long as the challenges evolve, which is a certainty, we have the opportunity to present something unique and an event that improves on the last one.”

Payton is very aware that it’s a group effort. “Right now, our job is getting the right people on the bus,” he says. “We know a lot of those on the last committee will return but we have to bring in fresh ideas and new thinking in order to stay relevant.”

The NAID 2018 Conference Committee will begin meeting soon. Anyone interested in volunteering, which involves about an hour of time each month, is encouraged contact Jamie Hughes, NAID Director of Programs and Events, at