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The Cost of Doing Business in NY

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In business, everything can be tied to a cost. The real question is is what is the Return on Investment (ROI). For any secure destruction service providers doing business in the State of New York, the cost to operating legally pales in comparison to the business that can garnered. 

The NYS Department of State seeks to remind all document destruction contractors that operate in New York State of the need to be properly licensed by the NYS Department of State, even if their office or facility is outside of New York State. All branch locations doing business in New York must be licensed as well. 

Easier Than it Sounds

  1. Get fingerprinted
  2. Submit the application

Okay, that sounds too easy, but it IS pretty simple. Here is the breakdown:

In order to become liscenced 1) the owner/principle of the company must be fingerprinted. The NYS DOS uses a third party contractor, Identogo. Simply print and fill out the Request for NYS Fingerprinting Services - Information Form and schedule an appointment with Identogo to be electronically fingerprinted (Note: the current cost for fingerprinting is $99.00).

At the time of being fingerprinted, the owner/principle will receive a receipt from Identogo, which must accompany their 2) Document Destruction Contractor Application (Note: the current application fee is $50.00 with each additional branch office costing an additional $50.00). As long as the owner/principle stays the same and maintains licensure, the owner/principle will only need to submit for fingerprints ONCE. In addition, the owner/principle will not need to submit fingerprints for any branch offices once the main office license has been issued.

So, the cost of operating legally, monetary or time involved, isn't really that great. Now consider the many benefits to being able to do business in New York...

Learn more about the NYS Department of State Document Destruction Contractor licensing law >> 

Have questions? Contact the NYS Depart of State help line at (518) 474-4429.