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NAID-Europe Seminar: 7 Compelling Reasons to Attend

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9 May 2018

There still time to register for the NAID-Europe Seminar, “Making the Most of the GDPR”, in Luxembourg to be held next week on 18 May. However, this is the last week for advance registration. 

Here are seven (7) compelling reasons why you should attend:

  1. Save money - the resources given at the seminar, including a new GDPR contract template and associated training, are worth five (5) times the cost of attendance
  2. Gain the perspective of the top industry leaders
  3. Learn how to talk to clients about their new requirements under GDPR
  4. Understand how the GDPR overlaps/conflicts with the WEEE Directive
  5. Reduce the new “Processor” risks contained in the GDPR
  6. Capitalize on the GPDR opportunity as a benefit because you will be prepared for it
  7. Rival the large competitors - they will have a plan, so you need one too

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