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Members to Vote in June

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May 9, 2018

NAID is asking member-representatives eligible to vote in association matters to look out for an announcement early in June inviting them to ratify two bylaws amendments. Both amendments have already been approved by the Board of Directors.

One amendment creates a director’s position on the board to represent NAID Associate Members. Currently, there is a vendor liaison but the post is advisory only. The new director post would give Associate Members voting representation on board. There is no increase in expenses to the association in making this change.

The second bylaws amendment introduces language to change the current staggering of director terms of service so an equal number of directors reach term limits every year. The current stagger is based on two-year terms, which was appropriate when directors had two-year terms. Because directors now have a three-year term, the stagger needs to be modified. This was reflected in this year's election as no directors positions were up for election. 

Ample notification will be provided when the ballot is released. Eligible member-representatives will receive the usual email.