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Information Disposition Textbook Available in ARMA Bookstore

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May 23, 2017

NAID’s Information Disposition textbook, unveiled at this year’s conference, is now being promoted to ARMA International members through the association’s popular bookstore.  As a result, ARMA International members will have easy access to the first-of-its-kind publication as well as receive a substantial discount.

According to Joe Harford, CSDS of Pennsylvania-based Reclamere, Inc. and chairman of the CSDS Board of Regents, this is exactly what was intended for the book and is only the beginning. “It’s true that the book was originally created as a CSDS training tool,” said Harford, “but we quickly realized that clients and university students would benefit from it too. Our hats are off to ARMA International for being the first to make the book available to its members but other associations will certainly follow their lead.”

NAID CEO Bob Johnson is also pleased that universities are receptive to using Information Disposition in their curriculum. “At least one major university has already agreed to include Information Disposition in its Information Security curriculum next year,” said Johnson. “The plan is to use it one or two universities to learn how it can be improved. Once that is done, there is nothing to stop it being used everywhere.”

NAID members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the book's content since it is apparent it will increasingly influence the way information disposal decisions are made by all organizations.

See the Information Disposition textbook  being promoted to ARMA members in the current issue of Information Management >> 

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