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Downstream Data Coverage® Renews AIM Affiliation

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July 27, 2017
Last week, the board of the NAID Worldata Holding Company voted to renew the organization’s relationship with Association Insurance Management (AIM). Readers may recall that it was only last November the program transitioned brokerage responsibilities for Downstream Data away to Brightstone Insurance. 
“At the time, the transition was motivated by specific synergies stemming from Brightstone’s previous work in the RIM space,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “Unfortunately, those synergies did not materialize and would not in the near future.” 
Johnson is quick to add, “The decision to make this move was mutually agreed by both NAID and Brightstone. The fit wasn’t right for either organization.”
Johnson also says that no bridges had been burned with AIM, which will allow for a seamless transition. He further states for many Downstream policy holders there will be no change at all.
“Many firms had not yet come around to their renewal date,” says Johnson.  “Those policy holders will simply renew the coverage they have using the same broker.”
He adds, “Firms that have transitioned to the new policy over the past eight months, still have Downstream Data Coverage; a great policy with all the protections they and their customers require.  When it is time for them to renew, they will simply transition back.” 
Johnson concludes, “This transition is a sign of our commitment to doing what is best for members and customers, which is always our primary concern."  
For more information on Downstream Data Coverage, contact NAID CEO Bob Johnson.