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Information Disposition Textbook Nominated as Cybersecurity Canon

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August 30, 2017

In his review of NAID’s recently published textbook, noted Cybersecurity expert and lecturer, Ben Rothke, writes, “Data destruction is relatively easy to do right, and equally easy to do wrong. For those who want to do it right, Information Disposition: A Practical Guide to the Secure, Compliant Disposal of Records, Media and IT Assets should be their go-to guide. It certainly deserves its place in the Cybersecurity Canon.”
According to Joe Harford, president of Pennsylvania-based Reclamere, Inc., and chairman of the CSDS Board of Regents, this is an important milestone in the broader acceptance of the publication. “Mr. Rothke is a well-respected data security expert,” says Harford. “The fact that he is recommending the book to other data security experts goes a long way. It’s just one more indication we’re on the right path.”
NAID has previously announced that the textbook has been approved for use on a trial basis at a major university with the intention to roll it out more broadly if successful, and also announced NAID CEO Bob Johnson will embark on a speaking tour in 2018 to promote the book to information management and security professionals.