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Agreement Creates Local NAID-Japan Management Structure

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September 12, 2017

NAID has executed an agreement whereby NAID-Japan, a standalone non-profit trade organization, will manage the affairs of the association in that country.

According to NAID President Eric Haas, this strategy will overcome some of the challenges to the organization’s international growth.

“As NAID continues to gain traction globally, we have come to believe that local management will be instrumental to its success in many markets,” said Haas. “Not only does it allow the association to be more responsive, it also gives members there a rightful and needed sense of ownership.”

Under the agreement, NAID-Japan is still subject to the decisions of the NAID Board of Directors and NAID’s ethics and standards; however, the association will manage its own budget, process memberships and certifications, and hold events.

There are currently 26 NAID-Japan member-companies and 3 NAID AAA Certified locations.