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New Australian Certification App includes Government Endorsement (and Hints at Future of the Program)

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December 14, 2017

The new NAID AAA Certification application created for service providers in Australia seeking the country’s Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) endorsement is now available. With it, service providers can become qualified to destroy “Official Information,” as defined within the PSPF, replacing the existing accreditation which is being phased out in the coming months.

While this development clearly points to the growing acceptance of NAID AAA Certification globally, it also hints at opportunities for the programs future, as other governments, agencies, and possibly even private companies add entity specific requirements to the baseline requirements, then using NAID AAA Certification’s robust on-site announced and unannounced audit by which to verify compliance to both.

For now, service providers in Australia are invited to use the new application to achieve or renew NAID AAA Certification with the PSPF Endorsement in order to offer services to a host of government offices as well as contractors. It is likely, as more members achieve the new endorsement, all customers will likely look favorably on firms holding the credential.

The Australian NAID AAA Certification (with PSPF Endorsement) is posted on the NAID Certification section of the association’s website.