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MEMBERnews: Garner Products, Inc. Unveiling New Product at NAID 2018

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Garner Products, Inc. will be exhibiting a new product along with several others at NAID 2018 this April in Nashville, TN. Garner Products is excited to introduce NAID members to the RCC 35SSD IRONCLAD, which is also featured in the next issue of the NAID quarterly journal.  This mobility package combines our high volume degausser (HD-3WXL) with our PD-5 destroyer and/or new IRONCLAD system that captures serial number, JPG image, and a complete audit record of destruction.  The package is combined with a mobility cart to allow the system to be brought into any secure area for on-site destruction before the media leaves the secure area; reducing the risk to zero time and zero distance from the moment of decommissioning.

Garner Products is proud of the fact that the product they introduced at last year's NAID conference, the ICC 15SSD IRONCLAD, has been chosen as the principal media sanitization system for the fourth largest cloud services provider. You can still learn more about this option at NAID 2018.

In addition to these great products and more, Michael Harstrick, Chief Global Development Officer, will be speaking on "Electronic Media Sanitization: What is 'Reasonable?'" 

Discover all of these innovations by Garner Products by stopping by Booth #133 at NAID 2018