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NAID-Europe 2018 Seminar on the GDPR and the Reinvention of Secure Destruction Services in Europe

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On 16 May, many NAID-Europe Members will meet in Amsterdam. That meeting, timed to mark the effective date of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will forever mark the week that transformed secure destruction services.

The Reinvention of Secure Destruction Services in Europe

Before GDPR: Secure data destruction is a custodial service answering to facilities management. After GDPR: Secure data destruction is a formal part of regulated compliance answering to the Head of Compliance and the Board of Directors.
Before GDPR: European businesses give the WEEE Directive top priority on electronic recycling. After GDPR: The prior of WEEE Directive is now second in priority to data protection.
Before GDPR: Secure destruction firms are not required to document and report potential breaches. After GDPR: Secure destruction firms must be able to demonstrate security incident reporting upon request of data protection regulators.
Before GDPR: Secure destruction firms have little to offer clients beyond secure destruction. After GDPR: Secure destruction firms can now offer education, training, and assistance to help the client demonstrate ongoing compliance (as required by law).
Before GDPR: A service contract could often protect a business from predatory competitors. After GDPR: Every service contract predating the GDPR must be recreated to include the new contract provisions, meaning those contracts are vulnerable to competitors.

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, the economical and convenient education event, designed to mark this epic change in the very week it happens, centers on new tools as well as the industry’s experience with similar changes elsewhere.

“Much of what the GDPR brings to Europe came in the U.S. several years ago,” says Johnson, “and it changed the way we did business. Those who were ready and willing to take the advantage prospered like never before. Those who weren’t met insurmountable threats that often cost them their business.”

Johnson adds, “NAID members in Europe have the advantage of learning from our past mistakes.”

Register today to attend the NAID-Europe one-day seminar: Navigating the GDPR Initiative. Delegates who register early will save on the cost of the event.