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MEMBERnews: Prime Compliance Announces New Service

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April 2, 2018

Prime Compliance, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, just announced that they will be offering a new type of consulting service, the Virtual Risk and Compliance Manager, to be officially launched at the NAID 2018/2018 Medical Waste Conferences on April 13 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN (stop by booth #122).

The Virtual Risk and Compliance Manager offers a subscription-based monthly conference call to deal with risk and compliance matters and the operational concerns of document destruction and record storage companies, as well as NAID certification requirements and more. These scheduled calls will foster in-depth conversations and topic suggestions from groups of attendees who are geographically separated to avoid any regional competition issues.

The service will also include the Owner and President of Prime Compliance Tom Dumez, a.k.a. ‘The HIPAA Man’, to offer his availability in the event of an unannounced or even a scheduled NAID certification audit.

Dumez said of the new service feature, “It is my goal to be the compliance and risk manager for our customers. As a NAID approved certification consultant, I am working with these operations to help them get their first-time certifications anyway, so why not try to be available at their facility to help them through their audits while they are actually happening? That will alleviate the pressure that each owner seems to face during those times. NAID AAA Certification is a huge step for an operation to consider, and I want Prime Compliance to continue to be the leader in helping document destruction businesses obtain and retain it. In essence, I want to help operators ‘mind their own business’ as I focus on the risk and compliance details and let them know that they don’t have to shoulder these burdens on their own.”

Dumez adds that the most challenging part of these group calls will be to fit them into his existing travel schedule. He visits several operations annually and has to leave room in his schedule for the new customers added on a regular basis. “Business is good”, he says, “which also means a lot of travel, but I’m always searching for more business. The best part of what I do is the relationships that I have developed as a result of spending a couple of days at an operation or at conferences as a speaker and/or an exhibitor.”

He went on to add, “To date, I have worked with over 100 companies.  I have the opportunity to bring my industry experienced set of objective yet constructively critical eyeballs into an operation, provide documentation, identify risks that often have either been unidentified, forgotten about or just plain overlooked, and then provide reasonable solutions to these risks or issues. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to help so many people. Compliance isn’t going to go away, and I’m glad to see that so many operators are no longer burying their heads in the sand trying to hide from these things. Let’s deal with them head-on, together, and benefit your business and mitigate the risks that the industry faces. That’s one way that I can help people protect their businesses.  As the owner, you can focus on your business and I will focus on the risks and compliance matters of it. You do what you know, and I will do what I know.” That, he says, seems almost too simple. “People pay me to be critical of their operation, to tighten up the ship or improve the facility, the documentation, the staff, and the workflow or processes. But critical in a way that improves something. I get paid to be critical and how many people can say that?” he asks. “Ask my customers if I bring value to them. You can see most of their logos on my website, Then, believe whatever they tell you because their opinion about that means far more than mine does.”

Prime Compliance offers the longest-running, most comprehensive, and industry-specific risk assessments and HIPAA training programs, which are also NAID Approved. They also assist with PRISM’s Privacy+ Certification.  Prior to starting Prime Compliance, Tom spent more 12 years working at a full suite records management company that his wife Lori is a co-owner of, also based in Grand Rapids, MI.