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MEMBERnews: UltraShred High Security Shred Truck Approved by NSA

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May 9, 2018

NAID member, UltraShred is pleased to announce that its High Security Shred Truck has been approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) and is now listed on their “Evaluated Products List” in the disintegrator category.

Doug Ferrante, Western Regional Sales Manager for UltraShred told us they had been pursuing approval with the NSA for a while, knowing their product could assist "the NSA, FBI, DOD, or whoever needs the highest security level shredding." 

Ferrante felt the particle size output was a winning factor. He added, "Our truck has some unique properties that other mobile trucks don’t have that allowed us to get on the list while others have tried and failed."

UltraShred is proud of this accomplishment for their organization as well as for the industry. "We have a product that fills a void that has existed for quite awhile," says Ferrante. He went on to say, "It allows access to Top Secret Level Security shredding, while not having to be a “one-off” custom shred truck, It is an affordable option where there previously was not one."

Learn more about the UltraShred High Security Shred Truck or contact them directly at 877-468-5872.