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Hauling Medical Waste? Join the MWMA

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NAID CEO Bob Johnson is surprised that many NAID members who have diversified into medical waste services have not yet joined the Medical Waste Management Association (MWMA).
“It makes no sense that a person who supports a strong trade association for secure destruction wouldn’t jump at the chance to do the same on the medical waste side of their business,” says Johnson.
As many readers know, two years ago, a group of NAID members asked NAID to provide seed money to create the Medical Waste Management Association (MWMA) as a standalone separate entity. MWMA President Rob Marshall was one of those early supporters.
“I knew the value of a strong association from my experience with NAID and my shredding company,” says Marshall. “Since there was no similar dedicated association on the medical waste side of things, I saw getting behind MWMA as an absolute necessity.”
Marshall adds, “Anyone in medical waste, but especially NAID members who are new to it, need to join. There are things an association can do for us that we simply can’t do alone as small businesses. We need a unified voice.”
To join MWMA, visit 2018 membership dues are currently prorated for the last half of the year.