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Shred-X Facility First to earn Australian PSPF Endorsement under New NAID Audit Structure

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The Shred-X facility located in Laverton North, Victoria is the first secure data destruction service to add the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) Endorsement through the NAID AAA Certification auditing process.

As announced in January, the PSPF Endorsement replaces the T4/ASIO accreditation formerly used to indicate a secure data destruction service has appropriate security in place to provide same-day, high-security destruction of paper media containing data classified as Official Information by the Australia Government.  Data destruction facilities currently holding the T4 accreditation were given until the end of the year to transition to the PSPF Endorsement.

According to Renee Pryor, National Sales & Tender Manager for Shred-X, the achievement was a worthwhile challenge.   

“Shred-X was the first firm to achieve NAID AAA Certification nationwide in order to assure clients we were meeting their compliance requirements,” said Pryor. “We've added the PSPF Endorsement to our Victoria location for the same reason and look forward to bringing the others on board as soon as possible.”

“The integrity and diligence of the NAID auditing process have proven to be among the most attractive features to businesses and governments,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “Combining the rigor of PSPF Endorsement with the rigor of the NAID audits makes achieving this status all the more impressive.”

Johnson adds that there are currently more than a dozen secure destruction facilities somewhere in the process of adding the PSPF Endorsement, which he believes will accelerate as T4 is phased out.