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Ask the Professional Offers Unmatched Value

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When it comes to i-SIGMA’s popular “Ask the Professional” member benefit, i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson’s advice is “Don’t Be Shy.”

“When one considers that for the price of membership, a company can get an answer to any industry-related question,” says Johnson, “the annual dues are far and away the best deal in town.”

According to Johnson, in recent years members have brought forth questions that would have cost them thousands, or tens of thousands if they had not come to NAID. In many cases, no answer or the wrong answer would have cost them a customer or required them to spend money doing something completely unnecessary.

How it Works: i-SIGMA members can submit any industry-related question to Ask the Professional. If the question is deemed appropriate, meaning it has some direct or indirect impact on the member’s business, (Typical question topics include legal, accounting, human resource, insurance, contracting and compliance) i-SIGMA will go to whatever expert necessary for the answer.

Another nice thing about Ask the Professional is that we often go to the top expert in that field. So, not only is the member getting an answer, they are getting the best answer.

Get your industry-related questions answered today!