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It’s Back to School: CSDS Program Updates and Other Training Opportunities Coming Soon

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NAID will unveil the retooled Certified Secure Destruction Specialist® accreditation program on September 20, 2011.  Among the subjects covered in the announcement will be:

  • Continuing Education Requirements and Opportunities
  • New CSDS Professional Program Benefits
  • The availability of New CSDS Training Materials
  • CSDS Training Program Schedule
  • CSDS Testing Schedule

The announcements will be published on NAID’s Official Facebook and LinkedIn pages and through NAID’s Twitter account.  Sign up with NAID’s social networking outlets today to make sure you’re getting all NAID announcements as quickly as possible.

NAID will also be announcing more training programs aimed at the Doctors’ Office Marketing Program and Customer Employee Training Programs. 

“When the HIPAA/HITECH Final Rule is published, which we expect any time now, the attention on security and training is going to go crazy,” predicts NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “People who have laid the foundations are going to thrive in that environment.”