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NAID Certification Launching Solid State Memory Device and Mobile Phone Sanitization Program Endorsement

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Effective immediately, the NAID Board of Directors has approved the launch of the NAID AAA Certification Program for Sanitization Operation that process solid state memory devices, including mobile phones, smart phones, memory chips and computers.

Prior to this development, NAID program for certifying Sanitization only applied to convention hard drives.

Companies that are already NAID AAA Certified for Sanitization Operations can now add a Solid State Memory Endorsement to their current status at their next announced audit (not applicable to unannounced audits) for no additional fee. 

Firms that applying for NAID AAA Certification that are exclusive focused on solid state applications will pay a fee that is consistent with all Sanitization Operations audits: $2,580 per year, which includes all application fees and the cost of all announced and unannounced audits.