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First European Dumpster Diving Study to Make News in Spain

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The Data Disposal Habits Study worked when NAID tried it in Toronto last year. In fact, it even landed NAID on the country’s most popular morning show and in every major newspaper.  So, expectations are understandably high that there will be a similar positive response when the results of the first such study on European soil are released at a press conference in Madrid next Tuesday (September 13th).

Like the Toronto study, investigators inspected the contents of publicly accessible trash containers at organizations strategically selected because of their high data protection responsibility.  During the process, investigators record whether or not personal information and/or competitive information are present in the trash.  The results are then de-identified and reported by industry sector.

The complete results will be released at the press conference and posted to the NAID-Europe website shortly thereafter, including an English and Spanish version of the presentation provided to the media.

Full video coverage of the press conference in Madrid will be posted to NAIDTV the association’s YouTube channel a few days later.

While there is already another Data Disposal Habits Study underway in the United Kingdom, the experience has many NAID leaders and the NAID Public Relations Committee contemplating a full-scale multi-city study and publicity campaign in the United States as early as next year.