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Sales Machine Author Says, 'You Need a Speech' – Why Not Make it the NAID Training Video

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For many, including NAID CEO Bob Johnson, Chet Holmes’ bestselling book The Ultimate Sales Machine has shown them how every aspect of their business reflects in the sales success.

Those who have read the book will also understand NAID’s strategy is to make “experts” out our members.  According to Mr. Holmes, (in Chapter 4) there is absolutely no better way to succeed in sales than to develop an educational message that offers value to customers that goes beyond the basic service being offered. 

If that sounds a lot like our plan for the Customer Employee Training Program or the Doctors’ Office Marketing Program (and the CTK), you are right.  It is exactly the idea.

But first you need training.  NAID has scheduled a couple more updated Customer Employee Training Program and Doctors’ Marketing Program Webinars, providing invaluable training on these programs at no charge.

So don’t just take it from us; take it from The Ultimate Sales Machine author Chet Holmes.

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