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NAID-Canada Conference Offers Free Training, Video Debut to Members

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NAID-Canada has a special FREE offer for members that includes training on the NAID Compliance Toolkit, as well as instruction on the use of the new NAID-Canada Customer Training Video. The Canadian version of the Customer Training Video was modeled after the U.S. version, which has proven very effective for the service providers who know how to use it. The program’s creator, NAID CEO Bob Johnson will conduct the training session.

According to NAID-Canada Chair Dave Carey, “This is the kind of sales training opportunity that comes along once in a career. The NAID CTK and the Customer Training Video are the most well-developed turnkey customer development tools ever created for the secure destruction business.”

To take advantage of the free offer: NAID-Canada members wishing to seize this unparalleled opportunity should complete the special Member Training Registration Form.

Each member-company may register up to eight people, including sales staff, service reps, or even customers if they so choose.

Space is limited. NAID-Canada members are encouraged to act quickly to reserve their spot.

Event Details:

Metro Toronto Convention Center
Nov. 3, 2011
8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Please contact Jamie Steimer, Director of Events and Programs if you have any questions.