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Auction of Abandoned Storage Unit Contents Continues to Pose Data Security Risk

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Hannah Mask
October 11, 2011

For years, NAID has been arguing that the auctioning of the contents of abandoned storage units to the highest bidder puts personal data at risk.

When you consider that up to one-third of all self-storage units contain business records, it is hard to see how they get away with selling them to the highest bidder,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson.

The recent article on the case of Athens native Bobby Roberts is a perfect example of the problem Johnson cites.

Most of the article goes on to discuss the responsibility of medical professionals to safeguard records. There is no mention of the fact that the storage company, as the “legacy custodian,” also had a legal responsibility to protect those records. 

“To our knowledge,” adds Johnson, “only California and Indiana have addressed the issue by providing the legacy custodian a safe harbor. Barring such regulations, anyone can buy these personal records and have no responsibility for their protection.”

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