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Onsite Sanitization Certification Program Now Available

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On the heels of the recent addition of Solid State Memory Devices to NAID Certification for Sanitization Operations, the non-profit trade organization is now offering NAID Certification of Onsite Sanitization Operations.

According to NAID Certification Rules Committee Chairperson Angie Singer Keating, “NAID is simply responding to the needs of the marketplace.  The association’s reputation as the most knowledgeable and aggressive proponent of data-related vendor security qualifications makes it our responsibility to step into areas where secure process and quality control are critical.”

NAID CEO Bob Johnson explains, “Many clients are now opting to have sanitization of hard drives and solid state devices performed at their facility.  And, while at first blush it potentially offers more control, remote systems for validating the process, as well as required fiduciary and custody issues can suffer when services are provided in the field.”

To address the challenges of providing sanitization of electronic memory in the field, NAID has concentrated on employee screening, validation of employment and training, and significantly enhanced the emphasis on quality control validation and documentation.

NAID has already begun conducting audits for the new program and says it expects demand for it to grow markedly in the coming months.

As with all of NAID’s Certifications, random unannounced audits by NAID’s trained and accredited security professionals will be included in the program.

For more information on NAID Certification of Onsite Sanitization Operations contact Holly Vandervort at NAID HQ.