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Downstream Educational/Support Program to Start in January

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As previously announced, NAID Downstream Data Coverage will launch its initiative to educate consumers on the realities of professional liability and the corresponding indemnification issues in January.

NAID is already involved in discussions with a number of associations regarding the state of affairs relating to inappropriate coverage in the marketplace that is putting their members at risk.

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “NAID’s credibility and strength are based on the fact that it puts consumers’ interests as its upper most concern.  Making sure those consumers are aware of the absence of professional liability coverage and/or the prevalence of inadequate coverage in the marketplace is simply in keeping with the philosophy that got us where we are today.  It is our position that a well-informed client is more likely to be careful when picking a quality service provider.”

NAID launched Downstream Data Coverage as an exclusive member benefit earlier this fall.

The exact nature and timing of NAID outbound educational efforts regarding professional liability coverage will be announced in detail in January.  Among the items included in that promotion will be a location on the Downstream Data Coverage website where customers can locate service providers who have obtained the proper indemnification.

For more details on Downstream Data Coverage, click here to visit the website.