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NAID Holds Lawyers’ Office Focus Groups in Chicago

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The task force assigned to develop the upcoming Lawyers’ Office Marketing Program held a series of focus groups earlier this month in Chicago.  According to those who monitored the process, the sessions were “extremely enlightening.”

“Last year, when we conducted the focus groups of doctors’ office managers, we were blown away by what we learned,” says NAID Public Relations Chair David Surdyk, CSDS.  “I am happy to report that the focus groups we conducted a couple of weeks ago with managing partners of law firms and with legal administrators were just as enlightening. The task force working on this project has a much better understanding of what they need to overcome.”

The new NAID Lawyers’ Office Marketing Program will be unveiled at the NAID 2012 Conference.

The task force working the project says it is planning to use a significant amount of the actual video footage from the focus groups when demonstrating the new marketing program.

Paula Oberst, CSDS, chair of the Lawyer’s Office Marketing Program, stated, “Last year, the video footage of the doctors’ office focus groups was a big hit with the audience.  Many asked if they could see the whole thing.  While we are not going to show 6 hours of video, we can make sure attendees hear the words that guided our activities directly from the source.”