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Doctors’ Office Marketing Task Force Gets Head Start

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The PR subcommittee charged with continuing the work begun at the NAID Conference to develop a specific marketing plan and tools to penetrate the underserved doctors’ (and dentists’) office market is looking for members to join their task force.  The group hopes to work quickly, finalizing the plan and marketing materials well before the end of the year.

The task force will be getting a bit of help from the most recent CTK Training sessions, which produced a sample data destruction training manual specifically for doctors’ and dentists’ offices.  The sample is only available to CTK Workshop graduates. The sample will be automatically distributed to those graduates next week. 

The PR Committee is also doing its part to help the task force by developing a new marketing brochure, aimed directly at doctors’ offices, explaining how outsourcing best protects them from their new liabilities under HIPAA.  The new “Prescription for Secure Disposal”™ brochure will be released in August.

Those interested in participating on the Doctors’/Dentists’ Office Sales Program Development Project should contact NAID Deputy CEO Dustin McKissen at by June 25th.