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First CTK Webinar Series Shows Popularity of New Training Platform

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Over 100 NAID Member representatives have just finished the first CTK Training sessions offered via the association’s new webinar platform – LiveMeeting. 

The new training method allowed the content, previously presented in one-day local seminars, to be spread over 5 weekly sessions. 

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “It is obvious that this delivery method breaks the content into more manageable segments. A one-hour session on a specific aspect of using the Toolkit is much more absorbable than receiving all that information in one day-long presentation.”

Johnson also admits that he “learned a lot about using the LiveMeeting platform and about streamlining the content from the first round of webinars.”

Details regarding another 5 week training session will be announced soon and will commence in August.

Former graduates should also look for new sample policies, which will be emailed soon, and should note they are allowed to attend any of the CTK Training Webinars free of charge, as long as they have participated in one of the CTK Local Workshops or previous CTK Webinars.

Those who have completed the process can find their names listed on the NAID website as Authorized CTK Representatives.