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Free “Use Your Tools” Webinar Coming in July

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A recent straw poll showed that nearly 40% of NAID Member representative were unaware that the Association had produced a number of sample business documents that they needed to address Red Flag Rule issues; a fact that NAID widely promoted over the last 8 months.  So, starting in July, NAID will begin to hold free webinars designed to help members become more familiar with the wide range of tools the organization has created to help them succeed.

According to NAID Deputy CEO Dustin McKissen, “We regularly get calls making it obvious there a considerable number of members unaware of the tools the Association makes available. Sometimes they call to recommend that NAID create something that the Association has made available for years.  However, it’s the calls we don’t get from members who just assume that we don’t have what they need that worries us most.”

While the “USE YOUR TOOLS” webinars will be held every other month to familiarize new members on how to better use these benefits, it is NAID’s hope that all member representatives attend at least once per year to make sure they are well informed on new developments.  

The date of the first “USE YOUR TOOLS” webinar is Tuesday, July 27th at 4 PM EST.  There is no fee to attend.  All NAID Members will receive a special invitation with the required link to join the webinar. Non-members interested in joining NAID may also attend but will need to register separately by contacting NAID Conference Coordinator Jamie Steimer at