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NAID Preparation Continue Despite Red Flags Postponement

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NAID’s plans to educate members and their customers about the pending Red Flags Rule will proceed undaunted and unabated, even in the face of the 5th postponement of the enforcement deadline.


“Our optimism is not just spin control,” says NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “The FTC is not responsible for the postponements; the pressure is coming from business groups afraid of the new requirements and the regulators promises to enforce it.”

Johnson continues, “The delay just keeps the issue in the news longer and gives us more time to educate our members and their customers.”


As an example, NAID will proceed with a new flyer that allows members who are ready for Red Flags to reassure their clients, while at the same time, remind those same clients and prospects of their potential responsibilities.


The June edition of NAIDnews will feature the first of a two-part series describing the history, meaning, and requirements of the Red Flags Rule, with special emphasis on how it will affect secure destruction services and how best they might best capitalize on it.