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Production Planning on NAID Training Video Starts Next Week

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The NAID Public Relations Committee reports that production on an information destruction training video will begin next week.  Under the working title IT’S UP TO YOU: What Employees Need to Know about Proper Information Disposal, the 14 minute, fully-scripted film is designed to be used by clients to fulfill the regulatory requirement to provide adequate information destruction training to their employees. 

According to David Surdyk, PR Committee chair, “The nice thing about the training video is that it will serve as far more than a way for clients to complete their regulatory obligations.  It will also serve as a great sales tool.  First, it will open a lot of doors to customers who are looking for training solutions, as well as others who are even just a little curious about it.  Second, the material is presented in such a credible, compelling and professional manner that anyone simply watching it—even if only out of curiosity—will be motivated to take the issue of data destruction much more seriously.” 

NAID CEO Bob Johnson adds, “There are scenes in this video that I have envisioned for many years.  I have dreamed of producing a sales tool like this my whole career.  It is exciting to see it get to this stage.” 

NAID has plans to produce a series of videos over the next two years, each developed for a specific marketing application.  No release date has been confirmed for the first video but the production company hired to film the video estimates it will take 3 months.