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NAID-Europe Commissions Consumer Attitudes Research

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The NAID-Europe Committee has commissioned a consumer research survey designed to build a statistically accurate profile of the attitudes, knowledge, and behavior of decision-makers from a representative cross-section of European organizations. 

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “The project will mirror similar research sponsored by NAID in the US a few years ago.  It provided us with valuable insight into the mind of the customer and it is one of the reasons we have been so successful in North America.” 

Among the questions the research will answer are: 

  1. The general level of awareness regarding the need for proper information disposal
  2. The ratio of organizations that hire a service versus those that shred in the office
  3. The level of awareness over destruction service providers’ qualifications
  4. The most prominent misconceptions about hiring a destruction service provider
  5. The deciding factor when selecting a data destruction service provider 

In all there will be approximately 20 different factors measured by the research.  The results will also allow NAID to see how various types of customers vary in their attitudes and behaviors. Examples of the research results could include how financial clients vary from medical clients or how large clients vary from small clients. 

The research will be conducted in June through August, focusing first on The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.  The results of the survey will be unveiled at the NAID-Europe Conference in Athens.