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Red Flag Attendance Crashes NAID Webinar Platform

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The system had been checked and double checked.  The presentation uploaded, edited, and reloaded. Everything was set for what was expected to be a successful educational event. There was only one problem when it came time for the program – the system could not handle the hundreds of people who tried to log in. 

There is no way of knowing exactly how many tried to log in.  What we do know is that the system easily handled nearly 400 attendees at a similar event NAID held in February.  Estimates of attendance range upward of 500. 

As a result, NAID immediately upgraded the capacity and quality of its webcasting capability.  The new system should be able to handle anything we can throw at it. 

The free Red Flags Rule Briefing has been rescheduled for 4:00 PM EST on Tuesday, May 25th but the log in procedure is significantly different than the originally scheduled event. 

Click here for the new Red Flags Rule Briefing webinar log in instructions.