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Phoenix Restaurant Dumps Years of Sensitive Info in Dumpster

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May 19, 2010- Local residents were shocked to discover that Tempe, Arizona based restaurant The Vine Tavern and Eatery had dumped years worth of sensitive information that contained, among other things, social security numbers and credit card information, into nearby dumpsters. When told by Tempe Police that such actions were not illegal, Tom Rezler, a nearby business owner, contacted AZTV’s Three on Your Side. While the restaurant chose not to respond to inquiries, the Maricopa County Attorney’s office did state that companies should always shred personal information. While little could be done legally, local NAID member EZ Shredding Solutions stepped in and volunteered to shred the documents for free. 

Coincidentally, NAID is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and on the same day members receive this in their inbox NAID CEO Bob Johnson will address the Phoenix chapter of ARMA—undoubtedly good timing given the publicity this incident has received locally. 

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