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NAID’s New Terms and Conditions Address Status of Business Associates & Business Reality

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NAID has added a new document to the growing package of Standard Industry Contract Samples if offers members.  The new document, which is set of HIPAA-Compliant Terms and Conditions, was deemed necessary as the result of the fact that under the HITECH amendments, Business Associates (BA) are now legally required to comply with HIPAA regardless of the existence of the BA Agreement.


Executing a BA Agreement with a doctor’s office and/or a small medical facility on one-time purges is usually not practical. By incorporating the HITECH/HIPAA language into the standard Terms and Conditions, the service provider not only protects themselves by having the requisite agreement in place, it protects the healthcare professional.  The fact that the language is in the standard Terms and Conditions for non-healthcare customers is not a problem because it is simply not applicable.


Included with the new NAID Terms and Conditions is a tutorial that explains how they are to be used.  As always, NAID reminds Members that it is up to them seek specific individual guidance from a qualified legal professional.


To obtain the new NAID Standard Terms and Conditions, NAID Members must return a completed Standard Industry Request Form to NAID Headquarters.