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NAID-Australasia Conference Moving Forward

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The 2010 NAID-Australasia Conference will be held in August of 2010. 

As previously announced, the event will feature a one-day seminar to which security, information management, human resource, and legal administrators will be invited to learn more about data protection.  The event will include topics such as data encryption, IT asset disposal, and secure information.  A prominent data protection official from the region will likely kick off the event. 

The second day of the event will feature sessions specifically designed for secure destruction services, covering topics such as inbound leads maximization, NAID Compliance Toolkit training, use of social networking, general sales training, and NAID Certification. 

Additionally, because the first day of the event is designed to attract prospective customers, NAID Members will be provided with opportunities to support high-profile sponsorships at the event.