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Accreditation Task Force Taps Industry Veteran

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The NAID Task Force responsible for creating the recently announced NAID Professional Accreditation Program is proud to announce that John Miller will join the effort.


At its recent conference and in an article in the most recent NAIDnews (“What’s Next, Part III, March 2010), NAID unveiled its plan to launch a professional accreditation program in July of this year.  The program will allow members in the US to develop the requisite competence on issues related to secure destruction and then, by completing the designated testing, to be accredited as Certified Secure Destruction Specialists ™ (CSDS).


According to task force leader John Mesrobian (this year’s Member of the Year recipient), “We are delighted to add John Miller’s knowledge and perspective to our efforts.  His experience in the industry and in NAID, as well as his familiarity with other successful accreditation processes will help us create a better program.”


The NAID Accreditation Task Force will publish a list of readily available training resources and opportunities in June – including the next available CTK training opportunities.  Testing for the new accreditation will be available at the beginning of 2011.