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First Spanish Language NAID Marketing Brochure Ready

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NAID recently reported that its marketing brochures in the US are being used by members at a record pace.  Many do not realize that over the years almost 2 million such brochures have been used by NAID members in the US to educate clients, promote their business and put forward a professional image.


With that kind of impact it was only a matter of time before NAID’s growing international base sought that same type of marketing support.


As a result, NAID is now finalizing its first-ever Spanish language marketing brochure designed specifically for use in Spain


According to NAID-Europe Chairman (and recently elected NAID Board member), Lloyd Williams of Shredall, Ltd. in Nottingham, UK, “Not only did we concentrate on the specific laws of the region, we were also very aware of the fact that language, graphics and even color schemes have a cultural aspect unique to the country.”


NAID is also currently working on brochures for its growing membership in the UK and Germany, again approaching the content and graphics from the perspective of culturally accepted norms of the region.