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NAID Reports Strong Sales of Marketing Materials

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Spurred by the release of 3 new brochures, NAID Members are ordering marketing materials at a record pace.  In fact, over the last two months, brochure sales are approaching 80,000 pieces - numbers not seen since the release of the “Why Shred” and “FACTA” brochures a few years ago. 

According to NAID Public Relations Chair David Surdyk, “While we are encouraged to see so many members taking advantage of these sales tools, we realize many are still missing out.  The brochures are meant to respond to current marketing opportunities in a professional, compelling way.  I personally believe all NAID members should order them. For me, it is just common sense to take advantage of such cost effective tools” 

The 3 brochures referenced are: 

  • The New Risks of the New HIPAA
  • The Facts of Life
  • NAID Certification: Simplifying Compliance with Today’s Data Protection Regulations.  

Members can order in quantities as low as 100 brochures in order to keep costs down. 

The Marketing Materials Order Formand the Certification Materials Marketing Form(for the Certification brochure) are available on the NAID website.