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NAID Member Shares Rare Example of Employee Longevity and Loyalty

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In a day and age when employee loyalty and dedication are hard to come by, it is heartening to see examples to the contrary. 

On April 1, 2010, Ron Davis, a route driver and customer service representative for NAID Member-company Ohio Mobile Shredding (OMS), celebrated 20 years of continuous service with the company.  OMS was founded in 1987 by owner and CEO, Tim Oberst, who is also currently NAID’s Past President.  Ron was Tim’s first employee and was hired to drive the company’s then one and only mobile shredding truck.  

“Ron has been my number one asset over the past twenty years and it has been his loyalty and dedication that has enabled OMS to be where it is today,” says Tim.  “In addition, he has only missed two days of work due to sickness, and has trained countless number of employees over what has been basically the lifetime of our organization.  There probably isn’t a month that goes by without one of our customers expressing their gratitude towards Ron’s professional attitude and courteous demeanor.” 

Ron has been married thirty-one years to his wife Stephanie, and has a son Nick, who graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in pharmacy, and a daughter Holly, who will be a senior at Ohio State University this fall.