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Election Results

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The annual Board of Directors election was held at the General Membership Meeting during the NAID 2010 Annual Conference and Exposition. 

  • Jim Beran of Shred Right in Minneapolis, MN ascended to the office of President, having served the previous year as President-elect.
  • Ray Barry of Total Product Destruction, Inc. in Spartanburg, SC, was elected to the office of President-elect and will assume the office of President in 2011.
  • Scott Fasken of Colorado Document Security in Palisades, CO, was elected to the office of Secretary. 
  • Tim Oberstof Ohio Mobile Shredding in Columbus, OH assumed the office of Past President.
  • Ken Williams of Shred Authority in Chicago, IL is currently in the midst of a two-year term as Treasurer. 

Directors elected this year are: 

  • Guy Appleman of Black Dog Shredding in Albuquerque, NM
  • Les Etscheidt of Document Destruction and Recycling in Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Lloyd Williams of Shredall, Ltd. in Nottingham, England 

Each Director will serve a two-year term. 

They join the 3 current Directors, each of whom has already served one year of the two-year terms they began in 2009: 

  • Tom Huth of Allshred Services, Inc. in Toledo, OH
  • Renee Keener of American Document Securities in Carrolton, GA
  • Jarret Silagyi of Cintas Document Management in Cincinnati, OH 

NAID Associate Members elected Joe Roberto of Shred Tech to be Vendor Liaison to the NAID Board of Directors. 

NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson is a standing member of the NAID Board of Directors. 

A complete list of all NAID Board of Directors, including contact information, is available on the NAID Leadership page of the NAID website, as is a list of all staff members and NAID Committee members.