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NAID Executive to Speak at Several Upcoming Events

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Evidently, security professionals and industry participants are still highly interested in proper secure information destruction.  NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson’s appearance schedule is looking pretty full for near future. 

First, Bob will be speaking at the 2010 Secure Documents Conference held in Washington, DC on April 28-30.  The event includes highly influential speakers such as Jonathan Cantor of the Social Security Administration, Katrina Blodgett of the Federal Trade Commission, Jamil Darwish of INTERPOL, and Elaine Wooten of the US Department of Homeland Security.  Bob will provide a 3-hour preconference seminar titled “Elements of Compliant Information Destruction Policies and Procedures.” 

Then, in May, Bob will participate in a panel discussion at the annual convention of Institute of Scrap Industries (ISRI). The session, which discusses the various certifications available to electronics recyclers, will be held on the second day of the event, May 5th. The event runs through May 8th in San Diego. 

On June 15th, Bob will participate in another panel discussion at Recycling Today’s Paper Recycling Conference in Chicago.  The discussion, moderated by Total Training’s Nick Wildrick, will analyze the extent to which archived records present an opportunity for future paper recycling and secure destruction.  

Finally, on June 24th, at the British Standards Institution’s Data Protection Conference in London, England, Bob will give a presentation titled “Effective Information Destruction Policy Development,” covering such topics as employee training and compliance strategies, electronic data destruction, vendor selection criteria, and vendor contracts.