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Boston CTK Workshop Aims at New Massachusetts Data Protection Law

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NAID has planned one more CTK Training Workshop prior to the 2010 NAID Annual Conference.  

According to NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson, “When we realized that we missed holding a CTK in Boston and that the Massachusetts Data Protection Law was going into effect on March 1st, we felt we had to act.  The law is one of the strongest and most anticipated data protection measures in the country and clearly requires businesses operating in the state to have written policies and procedures.” 

The Boston CTK Training Workshop will be held on February 18th at the Hyatt Harborside near Logan International Airport. 

To date, over 200 NAID Member representatives have attended the one-day workshops to familiarize themselves with how to use the CTK to create written information destruction policies and procedures.  Attendees also learn how the CTK fits into the current marketing environment created by HIPAA/HITECH, the Red Flag Rule, Data Breach Notification, and pending legislation.  Ironically, February 18th also marks the effective date of many of the HIPAA/HITECH provisions (see article below) 

Click here for more information or to register.