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Free Sales Training Webinar Prepares Attendees for Current Marketing Opportunities

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As previously announced, NAID will hold a free webinar on Tuesday, February 16th at 3:00 pm EST, to explain how the 3 most recently released marketing brochures fit into the current and rapidly changing secure destruction marketing opportunities. 

Because the webinar frames the brochures in the context of current and pending legislation and the changing data protection pressures and liabilities, the webinar also presents an excellent opportunity for sales professions to gain an understanding of that environment. 

The brochures that NAID Executive Director Bob Johnson will discuss are: 

1)       The New NAID Certification Brochure (already released)
2)       The NEW RISKS of the NEW HIPAA (already released)
3)       The Facts of Life: Talking to Employees about Proper Information Destruction (release date pending) 

Mr. Johnson will discuss the logic, strategy and message behind the development of the brochures, as well as providing a framework for the laws and/or market conditions that make the timely.  All member-companies will receive copies of the brochures in the mail prior to that date. 

About 15 minutes will be spent on each brochure with an opportunity for attendees to ask questions.  There is no registration or fee required to attend the Webinar. Participation is also open to companies who have not yet joined NAID.  (Although only members may buy NAID marketing brochures) 

The audio portion of the presentation is only available by calling 888-942-8686 between 2:55 pm and 3:00 pm EST on February 16th.  When prompted enter the pass code 6376549#.  

To view the PowerPoint and join the webcast, please follow these instructions: 


1)       On the Internet go to:
2)       Choose “Participant”
3)       Participant Login Upper Right Corner
a. Your Name: Enter your first and last name.
b. Enter Your Email Address
c. Conference ID: 6376549
4)         Select “Interact on the Phone” as the way you will participate.