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Latest Marketing Brochure Frames Training and CTK in Lighthearted yet Serious Perspective

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NAID’s latest brochure, which will be distributed prior to the end of the month, takes a lighthearted approach to reminding prospects and customers that they are legally required to give employees sufficient direction on proper data destruction. 

Titled “The Facts of Life,” the brochure likens talking to employees about data disposal to talking to kids about, well, the Facts of Life.  Using section titles such as “Make Sure They Know What to Do Before Being Put in a Compromising or Tempting Position,” “Let Them Know You Have Their Interest at Heart,” and “One Bad Decision Could Affect the Rest of Their Career and Hurt the Organization,” the brochure appeals to supervisors’ and business leaders’ almost parental responsibility to protect the employee and the organization.  Because, after all, if they don’t learn from people with their best interest at heart, who are they going to learn it from?